Our motto is helping the community

for sustainable development

The programmes are carried out either of own or in association with other organizations of Government or non-government repute.

Credit to women through SHGs are with a view to enhance their economic activities. Better management of saving and credit are ensured through various orientation and awareness sessions.

  • Children coming from poor and disadvantaged families are provided with care and support in various level. An orphanage also working in this level for the dis-advantaged children.

  • Disabled persons are the other areas of thrust of development activities.

  • There are individuals who were supported through this organization. Wheel chair distribution to physically handicapped persons were one of such activities that this organization has carried out. Other supporting devices were also provided to disabled persons through this organization.

  • FIWT has extended charity activities to the poor and needy in their need of time. Medical assistance.

  • Provided at proper time has also benefited much to the poor patients. Widows were also carried with occasional assistances. Distribution of cloths, medicines, food etc. are the other services that this organization has provided to the poor.

  • As a human development organization FIWT keeps a regular contact with all philanthropists, organizations of Government and Non-government repute related with human welfare and development to go on the effort of development activities for the benefits of the community people

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