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FAITH INDIA WELFARE TRUST is Non Profit Organisation Functioning since 2002 for the welfare, Development or Community. People where in India respective of class, caste creed or religion since its inspection, it has carried out various programes. On schemes for women and children, Youths, Disable persons and aged citizen. This organization has extended activities both in India.

On 13 th September 2002 Faith India Welfare Trust was registered as trust under the Indian Trust acts1882 on the occasion of the first Anniversary of Faith India Trust Mr. V S . Sivakumar Honarable member of parliament was present and inaugurated of the function.


As a welfare & Charitable Trust Faith India Welfare Trust focus on following objectives to executes.


To work for and extend the service of charity and welfare for the under previlaged community people inorder to bring them into the main stream of the life.


To provide a sustainable life support to the community people through discrimination of information and training requirements of resources.